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Spiritual Warfare

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The War is On!

By the evidence of the world news of daily conflict, and mayhem, it is our nature to destroy each other. History has proven the accuracy of that statement. For clarity, and to give mankind some grace, I would add the word, "sinful" before nature. Because...God didn't create us to destroy. He created us in His image, and He is love (1 John 4:8). Which means, so are we. But, because of the Fall of Man, the curse of sin entered mankind and re-arrange our natural nature by separating our spirit from God and connecting our soul and body (Nephesh; life force), to the fallen angel Lucifer, aka Satan. Apostle Paul refers this connection to sin (Satan) as the flesh.
We are still created in God's image but born in sin. Conflict rages between people because conflict fumes inside of each person. The curse of sin created a tug-of-war between right and wrong, good and evil, you and me and me against me. And as with all curses, we need a cure. We cannot cure ourselves because we are the cursed. Treaties, pacts, handshakes, laws or promises can't cure the curse of sin. History has also proven this. Since the curse is spiritual in nature, so must be the cure. So, God sent us the cure.
Himself in the flesh.
So, why do we keep destroying?
Conflict was strongly apparent in 2020, leading into 2021. Waves of racism, political upheaval, international accusations, and war with a deadly virus crashed against humanity like a tsunami. Two thousand and twenty-two, and the proceeding years will yield the same turmoil until the Lord returns.
Treaties, compromise or laws will not change the heart of man from conflict and destruction. Only Jesus can, because that which was tainted in the spiritual can only be redeemed in the spiritual. And Christ is the Redeemer.
Those who don’t want to believe in the spiritual, in God, or Jesus would still have to admit that we live in a broken world. Instead of thriving, every living specimen seeks to survive. Humanity is combating an unseen virus in COVID-19 that kills people to survive. With no reservation that the virus itself dies when the host dies, it moves from person to person, killing, stealing, and destroying lives.
It sounds a little like people, doesn’t it? We kill, steal and destroy others through physical harm, accusing words and actions of resentment, vengeance and hate while not realizing or caring that our words and actions affect us also.
The by-product of sin changed the nature of everything God created, and He made everything. What God created for good, when allowed, sin turns it into destruction. Being that humans are His masterpiece infused with free will; we can choose His instruments for change. But we cannot do it in the physical realm. Restoring the goodness of God’s masterpieces requires change on a deeper, unseen level. The same level where sin entered, the spiritual level. To change the world’s brokenness, we must first change the spiritual brokenness inside us.
There is only one way we can do this-
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
The Way, Truth and Life
For an Indepth read, The Devil Inside Our Heads is available for purchase at Amason.
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