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Free Indeed®


A quote from the Terminator 3 movie struck and stuck with me. When John Connor asked Arnold (the terminator machine) why Judgment Day (the inevitable nuke war that was AI programmed) was impossible to stop,

Arnold replied, "Because it is your nature to destroy each other."

Looking at the state of the world, countries, states, cities, neighborhoods, homes, and you, destruction on all levels is apparent. 

Why is it in our nature?


Free Indeed®

is a 10-step program (Ten Truths for a Life Live Free) that Biblically explains

humanity's chaotic existence, its continuing struggle, and how the Lord redeems us from participating in sin and coming alive in Him. Free Indeed shows the truth of the Bible's accuracy of humankind's struggle to co-exist with each other and within ourselves.

How do we become free from this life struggle?


John 8:36

"When the Son sets you free, you are FREE INDEED."



Ten Truths For A Life Lived FREE®

Truth One
Lesson 1

There is a God and it's not You

You're beginning to realize that you (humanity) are broken because of sin and that you are not and don't have the power to fix yourself because self is the problem. 

One major difference between God and myself is God never thinks He is me.

Free Indeed!

We have a three-day program available for 
your church/company for free!

Ministry donations are accepted but not necessary.


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