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It is said that life is like a box of chocolates. But, what if you don't like chocolate? Even if you do, sometimes a morsel of chocolate is filled with a nasty, nougat center that says spit me out, throw it away, and pick another one. So it is with some of life's moments. We don't remember days; we remember moments. And there are some we'd like to forget, or spew over a bridge and watch them wash away. But, we can't. We have to learn to accept and live on. Yet they still rear their ugly head and dictate how we perceive life, treat others and ourselves.
These moments are our personal nasty nougats that are in the center of us.
I've had my share of nasty nougat moments, and I've helped create some for others. 
I grew up in an alcohol environment, under two different father figures, the oldest of five siblings, learned life from the street, poor, and confused. Being molested as a child, I looked for self-worth through sex, and alcohol and drugs. Like most, this path led me to a brick wall of confusion and despair. As I got older, I slowed down but never left the path. One day I was weary of banging my head on the same emotional wall. I cried out for help to a God I didn't know and met Jesus.
Now I am on His path.
The Word Says ministry began when the Lord inspired me to help those who struggle with those nasty nougat moments of life as I once did...
Why does the aftertaste of those moments linger when it was so long ago?
Why do I react with anger and frustration?
Why do I feel unworthy, without purpose?
Why do I feel like I need to be high to feel right?
Why? Why? Why?
Know this, it's not your fault, but it is your choice.
There is more to life's box of chocolates than the invisible nasty nougats. There are caramel, peanut clusters and cherry, cream centers mixed in.
The good things in life. 
Through Christ, you can choose the choice of freedom from those estranging nougat moments.
Allow Jesus to clean your palate with His Living Water.
Let me help you along the way.

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